— August 28th, 2012 —

Book Review: “The Second Mayflower,” by Kevin Swanson

“America enjoys a heritage of faith, family and freedom unlike any other country in history. Yet, those who love our country and its heritage are deeply concerned about the gradual decay of these values in our modern life and culture. The influence of the Christian faith in culture has faded as abortion and homosexuality are now being taught as ‘values’ in the public schools and society in society at large. The memory of that first band of Christians in 1620 who formed a colony at Plymouth has all but disappeared from the consciousness of the nation.

But the vision of the first Mayflower is not dead. No other nation on earth has been blessed with such a powerful Christian legacy, and the vision of the first Mayflower is returning. In this book, Kevin Swanson outlines a potent vision for the heirs of the First Mayflower and its world-changing vision.” — from the back cover

If a little tough for me personally to get through, this was nevertheless a good book. For the first half or so of the book, Mr. Swanson describes the history of the First Mayflower in the 1600s and the mentality the Pilgrims had of taking dominion for Christ. Mr. Swanson shows how we as a nation started (in the late 1700s) to deviate from God’s law, and subsequently came to be in the sad state we are in today.

But he doesn’t stop there. Mr. Swanson explains that no nation who rejects God’s law can have any hope for blessing—but that nation whose God is the Lord, blessed it is! Over the rest of the book, he casts a vision for effecting reform in our culture. He writes how full-orbed our vision must be, and how it must encompass all areas of life (as Scripture encompasses all of life). With the publication of Dr. Henry Morris’s and Dr. John Whitcomb’s book in 1960, The Genesis Flood, the voyage of the Second Mayflower began as the conventional, evolutionary standard was challenged. A line in the sand was drawn that year, and we must continue challenging the world on all fronts, taking dominion in all areas of life for the Kingdom of God—starting with the family and working from the bottom up.

What if our country refuses to be reformed, but grows in tyranny? Should we secede? Leave? Stay here? Mr. Swanson touches on the various options available to Christians in this area as well.

INDECENCY: In part of chapter four, “The Rising Tyranny,” Mr. Swanson talks about the various moral perversions that are becoming increasingly commonplace as he’s evaluating the sad state of our culture today.
AGE RANGE: Young men and women in their mid-to-late teens, at the earliest.

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